Jake Olsen - Vitali Kutcher - Richard Hicks

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Description: Gay Teen gayboy Vitali Kutcher is a houseproud gayboy, always tidying up after his roommate Richard Hicks. This Chab doesn't like it much when Richard invites a ally over to stay and they leave crumbs on the bed and towels in the bath, but his dedication to keeping the apartment clean is about to pay off! This Chab had no idea Richard and his ally Jake Olsen are interested in pecker, but if this guy'd paid attention to the sticky tissues this guy's had to clean up plenty of times and the sounds coming from Richard's room this guy might have worked it out sooner. After catching the chaps groping every other on the ottoman this guy confronts 'em, and we're not sure where it's leading when that guy appears to be shocked that they're homo. Perhaps not surprisingly, all it takes is Richard encouraging him to take a seat and within moments his own lengthy and bulbous knob is out of his jeans, his lips wrapped around Jake's soaked shaft and his own palpitating youthful tool being licked and slurped by his roommate! It's an improbable feast of dong engulfing, all 3 boyz servicing every other and switching back and forth to have a fun as much hard youthful meat as they can. The chaps are so perfectly suited, all smooth and fit, with hawt little asses, hungry face holes and demanding rods, it's no wonder they're all having so much pleasure. Being the one responsible for luring his roommate into a three-some of bareback ramrod joy it's perhaps appropriate that marvelous blonde dude Richard is the one to give up his snug gap for the 2 to slip inside. The dude bows over to receive it worthy from Jake during the time that that guy services their recent three-some buddy on the counter, then Vitali is taking a discharged at that a-hole and sliding in to feel all the juicy precum Jake has left behind inside his succulent little peachy rump. Sharing Richard's hawt little ass betwixt 'em the guys fuck and feed him, taking opportunities to kiss and stroke their ally's pecker for him whilst this guy takes 'em the one and the other on. The riding is what ultimately takes him over the edge, Jake's heavy raw ramrod prodding away inside and making the gayboy erupt ropes of sexy jism from his own attractive legal age gay teenager cock! His climax is sufficiently to have Jake quickly pulling out and firing off his own sticky mess, which pretty soon has Vitali jerking off out creamy load over his roommate. No doubt Vitali will be having a lot greater amount joy with his roommate after this.
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