Blond Booty

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Description: Max Carter assented to do buddy Bryce Foster a solid by taking him to the airport. Needless to say, when this chab takes time out of his day and shows up to discover Bryce fast asleep in sofa this guy's urinated! Carter DEFINITELY receives his revenge though! Max spanks the HELL out of Bryce's golden-haired guy a-hole! His delicate teen tush turns pink with the pleasant mixture of ache and fun as Max manhandles his hind end. Foster begins off in darksome shorts but winds up fully nude over Carter's knee with his peaches and cum can beat red! Carter dominates the chap's derriere whilst dishing out alluring smutty talk as Bryce entreats him to stop. Foster's fanny is so delicate towards the end of the hawt session that that guy flinches from each hand thrashing; but, Max is determined to beat this lesson into the legal age gay teenager. The lad will be feeling this yummy teaching each time his arse takes a seat for a week!
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