Bubble Butt Beat Down

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Description: Taylor Coleman is willing to broaden his raunchy horizons; and, this guy knows just the stud to aid him out. So, the cute, immodest blonde teen heads on over to Mr. Johnny Hands’ abode. After speaking on the phone, Mr. Hands is well aware the guy hasn’t taken his erotic experiences to the delightsome black side..... yet! So, the masculine a-hole corporalist makes sure to warn Taylor things are about to receive severe. Coleman assures massive hands Johnny he’s greater quantity than willing for the racy experience, and eagerly hops his sexually excited gazoo on the sofa and bows over. The nasty novice asks his dominant “how’s this?” Johnny takes one look at Coleman’s perfectly round rump, and breaks out his large, thick, darksome leather paddle. That Guy begins out simple, testing Taylor’s taut rush with a hardly any light taps. Colman complains that the licks are, “a little light.” So, Hands turns up the heat! After a sultry backseat spank session with Coleman dressed, Hands is concerned for his fun paddle to acquire a smack of the twink’s new flesh. This Guy orders his spank bondman to remove his panties. Beautiful gayboy does as he’s said, then reassumes the position afresh, in his underclothing. Hands is pleasantly happy, and his devilish eyes light up with dom delight. Johnny jacks up the paddle pace, concerned to turn the glamorous boy’s bubble booty beat red. But 1st, this guy fondles Coleman’s caboose gently to have a fun the spank virgin’s smooth, pliant skin. Then. Mr. Slaver makes sure Taylor will be feeling the erotic effects of this bubble gazoo beat down for weeks to come. Hands hits hard, making the strong ass bounce with every arse taste. Johnny jacks Taylor’s underclothes up into the hot center of his butt crack, exposing the cherry cheeked result of his hard hitting, handy work. The bright red rump is absolute eye candy, and Johnny proudly punishes the perked up subsequent with a hot, sly smirk. After bringing the heat hard, Dominant Hands blows on the boy’s beat red backside to nifty the crimson. Then, that guy orders the priceless assed, 1st timer to remove the rest of his clothing so this chab can crank up the erotic experience even greater quantity! The hawt hunk paddles Taylor’s constricted end the porn pro this guy is; then, this chab commands Coleman to keep his eyes forward, upping the dude’s 1st experience with the element of surprise. Johnny alternates betwixt his enormous hand and paddle, bringing the boy’s 1st gazoo beat down into dangerously agreeable territory. Johnny gives the glamorous 1st timer a guess at the amount of spankings that guy's already enjoyed. Then, that guy praises the beautiful dude on his answer, AND his astonishing gazoo in advance of delivering the hottest and hardest hit of Taylor's inaugural spank session.
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