Sorry Ass

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Description: After awaiting 2 hours for his lad toy at a restaurant, Max Carter storms into Taylor Colman’s place to discover the beefy assed millennial fast asleep after a night of partying. Taskmaster Max wakes the sleeping a-hole with a swift taste to his ample butt, concerned to give him a piece of his mind, and determined to educate his yummy legal age gay teenager's tush a lasting lesson. Carter proceeds the erotic wazoo assault on the Calvin clad cutie’s caboose whilst Coleman apologizes profusely. Wanting to watch his sexy handy work, Carter commands his gayboy to disrobe down to the buff; then, this guy proceeds cracking that mad sexy, can of his! Coleman is already cherry cheeked; but, Carter isn’t stopping there! This Guy widens the youthful guy’s pleasing seat and pummels his gorgeous pink pucker with an open palm, causing Coleman to twitch and implore like a bad floozy for greater quantity. His gorgeous body elicits the enchanting gratification of pleasurable pang, with his gracious face buried in the pillow he’s clenching, and that bangin’ bubble a-hole arched in horny anticipation for the next pleasing thrashing to ball cream smacking down on his alluring derrière. Max kneads the dude’s donk like dough. This Guy grabs fistfuls of Taylor’s taut, corpulent ensuing; then, that guy asks his marvelous plaything how many greater quantity spanks that guy thinks that guy merits. By now, the twink’s tush is super delicate; so, that guy says four. Carter knows his lad is resilient; therefor, that guy recommends six. AND, that guy makes Coleman count ‘em down! Wazoo taskmaster Max TRULY makes those final licks count, hitting the hottie’s hind end hard, and even using the one and the other hands when that guy deems necessary. Carter reminds his dude toy of his trespasses, then makes the beautiful boy stand. Sweetening the sting, Carter plants a kiss on Taylor’s lips and orders him to acquire clothed. Taylor pulls his hot, black colored Calvin’s up, but not previous to giving us a glorious view of that corpulent, apple red gazoo as that guy exits.
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