Trey Ryan Stuffs Seth Cane

Duration: 1min 00sec Views: 490 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: It’s one of those magical afternoons. Sharing a day off with your BF or FB, young, energetic chemistry fueling some of the best nasty you’ll experience in your entire life. We open on a chaperone and condom free mom and dad’s bedroom. Hard, hung and handsome, twink next door, Trey Ryan straddles the object of his erection, drop dead and adorably gorgeous, alterna-twink Seth Cane as they begin to shed each article of clothing, one after the other, with sizzling hot morsels of boner biting intermission in between. Then, bareback magic is truly made as Seth shows us but a handful of the many erotic positions he can look beyond lovely in and his costar, the Trey-train becomes the little engine with wood as he vigorously pumps and powers out each one. And the sign on the knob reads: Pocket rocket in flight... Afternoon Delight!
Channel: 8 Teen Boy