The Return of Andy Taylor

Duration: 6min 01sec Views: 513 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Fan favorite Andy Taylor took a little break to go to school; but, now he's BACK and looking better than ever! This scene is a fucktastic, full circle moment because Andy was Blake Mitchell's first EVER scene partner and now that the hottie is back in the saddle, we've hooked the tasty twosome up once again for ANDY'S first time back! The beautiful boys take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing on some saucy stories from back in the day. They chat about their new carnal cravings since the guys have grown into their own and now know exactly what makes their sweet spot swell. Their erotic appetites have grown AND, so has Mr. Mitchell's magnificent muscle! The cock filled conversation leads the lusty lads into a raging hard, raw ramming reunion as they reconnect with one another after WAY too long. It's clear they're anxious to show each other just how GOOD they've gotten in the sack since they last hooked up a few years back. The boys go down for groin gold, gobbling one another's ample appendages with years of pent up yearning. Blake tears into Taylor's smooth tush with a terrific tongue thrashing and the ass banging anticipation keeps building! When Blake finally fills Andy's fuck hole with that epic uncut cock of his, he definitely delivers! He cocks his former film fuck buddy like a beast while ordering Andy to press his perfect posterior towards the humpy heavens. Next, Taylor takes a raw ride and, for those of you that have missed that mighty meat of his over that last few years..... this one's for you! His super human hog hangs, sways and bounces while making us realize just how glad we are that this long donged dude is back! When these sexy suckers first frolicked, Mitchell was slender, now he's thick and throbbing with brawniness. So, he takes the opportunity to strong schlong Andy's ass till he fills it with fresh muscle milk! He keeps pumping, pushing the warm welcome deep into Andy's amazing ass. The hot heat filling Taylor's tight tunnel causes his entire body to convulse in absolute pleasure as his perfect peen blasts boy bust all over his smooth body. Welcome back baby!
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