A large uncut rod in the baths

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Description: 21-year-old Norbert Varga has had a tough night at the club, working behind the bar and being tempted by so many sexy customers; they're always hitting on him. Now that he's home all he needs is some solo stroke time before hitting the sack and getting some sleep before band practice in the morning. He shows off for us, teasing us with his incredibly tight and ripped body, built from his dedicate work out sessions. His bulging underwear is so tempting, the shape of his incredible cock straining for release as he gently strokes his length through the cotton. Stepping under the warm shower he drenches his t-shirt and underwear, the material clinging to his naked skin as he explores his body with his hands. His amazing shaft is desperate for pleasure, released and in his stroking hands, his damp foreskin easing back and forth over his swollen tip. It's such a big cock, the kind of dick all of his friends want to play with, but for now he's enjoying his own pleasures as he masturbates for us, rubbing his shaft and laying back in the tub before finally splashing his erupting semen all over his tight body.
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